Major IT Projects under Development/ Implementation

    State Data Centre (SDC)

    80 applications/websites of various Departments/organizations and 7 MMPs of Haryana Government have been hosted on Data Centre. A new security appliance has been deployed at Data Center to counter the cyber threats. A new State Data Centre is being planned at Panchkula to meet the future requirements of the State. To enhance the security and augment the infrastructure of the existing Sate Data Center,the existing SDC is being revamped and the tendering process for the same is under way. A new Disaster Recovery site is also under implementation at C-DAC, Hyderabad to provide redundancy to the State Data Centre, the tendering process for procurement and implementation of the same is also under progress.

    Cashless Haryana

    The objective of the State Government is to promote digital payments and achieve less-cash society (gradually moving towards the cashless way). To take it further an integrated monitoring tool i.e. “Haryana Cashless Consolidation Portal” was developed to monitor the progress and penetration of different modes of digital payment transactions in the State. More than 316.52 Crore digital transactions have been recorded across the State from April 2017 till February 2020 and Haryana stands at No. 2 position in the category of large states throughout the Country in digital payment transactions per capita basis. More than 4.83 Lakh merchants onboarded on BHIM platform by CSC VLEs.

    Covid Sangharsh Senani Portal

    Covid Sangharsh Senani Portal ( was launched by Hon’ble Chief Minister of Haryana to enable the registration of any utility shops i.e. any interested shop/ store owner (Kiryana/ vegetable/ milk/ chemist, etc.) can register to supply the required items and to enable anyone who wants to help people as a volunteer by contributing to the fight against Coronavirus. This Portal also has a feature to collect donations from volunteer/ shop owners/ citizens for Haryana Corona Relief Fund. This portal also gives a feature to seek the consent and details of potential Plasma donors i.e. the citizens who have recovered from COVID-19 and are in between the age of 18 to 65 to donate convalescent Plasma.In addition to that, Teleconsultation for Mental Health are being conducted by 239 Psychologists registered as volunteers on this portal, to handle stress using a toll-free no. 1100 through call centre. As on date, more than 89,580 people have registered to help the government in its fight against the spread of coronavirus in Haryana through this portal and more than 77,410 shop registrations have been received on this portal till date. Additionally, more than 350 citizens have provided their consent and details to donate Plasma.

    Litigation Management System

    Litigation Management System is designed for Departments, Corporations, Boards and other state bodies to monitor the status of the case related to them.LMS is a Generic, integrated workflow based system to be implemented across Haryana Govt. The user Departments of LMS will enter their cases to them in the system. This software will be integrated with High Court for fetching out the data for cases related to the different departments. AG Office will work as a nodal office. It has been launched across 190 Departments/ Boards/ Corporations etc. of Government of Haryana. As on 7thAugust 2020, more than 4.148 Lakh cases have been entered related to Supreme Court/ High Court/ District Courts/ Tribunals etc. LMS has been integrated with Hon’ble Punjab and Haryana High Court. Integration with District Courts is under development.Provision of entering property details regarding any court case will be added shortly.